Friday, March 5, 2010

Second guessing yourself

I am sure my apartment will never be done - or at least I hope so because I truly love the process of looking for the perfect everything. However, I hate second guessing myself and right now I am having a little nail head dilemma. It is times like this that I wish I was a dweller WITH a decorator. So I would LOVE your opinion. Do you think it is too much to buy a navy couch with nail heads like this one from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and the white chairs which also have nail heads and are also by MG+BW? I am on the fence. Help

I also thought to put this chair into the mix - but is it to far off base to mix with the other two?

Here are three things that are already in the room:

Jonathan Adler
Madeline Weinrib
Via Jonathan Adler in silver White and gray
These curtains I bought from Pottery Barn and had someone put a black boarder on it inspired by Josephine Sasso's house


  1. I love everything you have in your room - but I wouldn't do both the nailhead sofa and chairs. What about contrast piping on the sofa so you get the same accented look but without more nailhead? Just a thought! And, yes, totally put the other chair in the mix!

  2. Love the white Eames chair with everything but I think a little nail head goes a long way. It will take the specialness away from the chairs. Love your blog by the way!

  3. Thank you Jane and Traci - I soooooooo appreciate your advice!!!!! Suze

  4. You don't seem to need any help {!}, but I think the couch and chairs with nailheads would be too much!

  5. I just ordered that exact MG+BW sofa for a client without nailheads. I like them but not on every upholstered item in a room. I also like Traci's suggestion of contrast piping. What about the blue sofa with white piping instead? Feel free to email me if you need more help!