Monday, August 2, 2010

Todays Challenge - Patio Furniture.

Love This 

Help - I think we might have found a fantastic house in LA but it needs a furniture makeover starting with the outside.  Since we rented our apartment furnished with the hope that we will come back we have nada so we are renting a place fully furnished which means if I do buy anything and you know I will then it has to be super cheap and disposable but looks expensive and fabulous. Any suggestions? Links Please :)

Ikea Chair as seen in Ione Skye's house $169 Has anyone ever sat on this - it looks chic but uncomfortable

Ikea Lounge chair with cushion $169

Ikea $129

Overstock $189
Front Gate $699 for two


EMU - I really want these but can you say FORTUNE?


  1. Check out Room and Board. Not SUPER cheap, but fun, modern and good quality. AND outdoor furniture seems to be on sale now, so shop away! Good luck!

  2. I have sat in the first Ikea chair and it is much smaller than it appears, and not very comfortable. Also, the website states "Location: Patio. Suitable for a patio with roof and walls.", so I am not sure how it would hold up outside. Let us know what you find!

  3. Slow to the party. I just found your great blog!
    Added you to my blog list!
    We are kindred spirits :-)
    xo xo

  4. Visiting your blog by way of it! Very inspiring!

  5. Thank you Heather and Christine for the tips! And Andrea thank you for popping by and VV - Love your blog!

  6. My pleasure...thank you for sharing such a great remodel. Had wanted to email you to give you heads up...glad you saw the post!

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  8. I prefer the dion, its unique structure made it look so lovely, I wonder if what kind of material did they use for it, just curious so I can know if it is really comfortable to rest with.