Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Best Moving Company in NYC... Red Eagle

Etsy Via my pal Stephen Watson

My friend Deb told me about a moving company that specializes in divorced couples - she said that they make moving fun - can you imagine - Moving Fun?  Well, she is right, this is my 4th move with Red Eagle and I am actually looking forward to it.  They come to your house with at least 10 guys and in three hours your entire life is packed - it is AMAZING! People ask me why I am not stressed about the move and that's why. Now if I could only find someone who can unpack me on the other side. I once made the mistake at 8 months pregnant of not having them unpack me - if you have the $$$ always get the unpacking option - sooooo worth it!

Here are my top Moving tips-
1.  Anything you think you can live without DUMP
2.  Anything you are putting into storage- think about three years later whether you will still want it if not Dump
3.  Don't bring anything into the new space you don't Love - this is your chance - Edit!
4.  Remember Never be a prisoner to your possessions - there is always a Cosco and Bloomingdales on the other side.
5.  When you find your self totally freaking out and you will think about something that makes you smile. My happy thought is Tasha's bat-mitzva sign that read TOTALLY TASH! What is yours?


(718) 894-4353
6517 68th Ave,
Maspeth, NY 11385+4652
Ask for Mike


  1. Where do I sign? My movers packed/unpacked the furniture and I totally regretted not having them do it for all the boxes. Good luck with your move! Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  2. definitely good advice...i should be MOVING end of sept. sometime... :))))

  3. moving companies are so worth it, i just moved this weekend!

  4. Really enjoy your blog and wish you the best with your move. I live here in so cal and while it's certainly not NY (which I love and visit whenever possible), you will enjoy!

  5. Good Luck, moving can be so stressful, will file away this great company! Infact the only fun thing about moving is getting rid of all the crap, that is such a great feeling! Edit, edit, edit! Can't wait to see your place in LA, just know it will be amazing!

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