Friday, February 1, 2013

The Little Host... Obsessed!

I am obsessed with this new website called The Little Host! It is all the rage here in LA among the birthday party elite.  It is basically a personalized kit that will transform any average party into a perfect photo opp and is easier than easy. Perfect for the mom who wants to look like she spent weeks pulling it together even though it is all done for you.  The lantern kit and pom pom kit are my two faves and I would keep them well after the guests have gone. Each kit gives you the 411 on how to pull it together. LOVE! Click HERE to shop and for how to details.

Is this not the cutest?

Love mixing the pom pom with the lantern in pastels

The details on "how to "are all there.

 Milk and cupcake couture.

All Photos by Lisa Occipinti

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