Sunday, February 24, 2013

Furniture Obsession - Large Round Table With Built In Lazy Susan

I have been obsessed with the oversized lazy susan round table ever since I saw a Carrera one in Miami at a  hotel.  I desperately want to build one. The one below is amazing. Any tips on someone brilliant in LA who can make one for me?
Via Unmitigated 

Here is the history on the image above Via Unmitigated :
"The Fords, along with the Thomas Edisons, the Harvey Firestones, and the John Burroughses would travel together and "camp." The quotes are because their version of camping involved servants, china place settings, and a little more comfort than the typical camping expedition. Ford had a huge, round table built, with an enormous lazy susan attached to it for mealtimes.The gentleman you see in the white suit with the black bow tie, just to the right of the ornate flower arrangement, is President Warren G. Harding. It's not often the President of the United States joins you for a camping expedition, which meant there were Secret Service men along on this trip, as well." 

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