Monday, March 5, 2012

COLOR GENIOUS - Doug & Gene Meyer

I love Gene Meyer - have since the second I saw his scarfs when I was working at Vogue - I would save up and buy them wholesale and then turn them into pillows - where are they now - I hate that I have no idea I have no idea but I am sad about the loss. I was so excited to just even look at the amazing rooms that he and his brother Doug design. They are true lovers of color. Via Doug & Gene Meyer 

LOVE this Q & A found Here


  1. Thank you Suze!!!! It's been a long time - hope all is well.
    FYI - we actually did a scarf collaboration with Alice + Oliva + Gene Meyer that will be available on our website - in about a week.
    Doug & Gene
    X Gene

    1. I will be the first one to buy! So happy to hear from you!!!!

  2. you made me smile right from the start. I too have lost things along the way that were very precious to me....and I kick myself over loosing them....silly, huh?....smiles

  3. That bed in the first pic is really cool! pulling off so much colour well is a feat :)