Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perfect Room

Who designed this room? It is perfect! Doesn't the fiddle tree, the massive yellow lamp, the zebra ottoman, the pale gray couch with white piping, the framed necklaces and the green gardenstool make the perfect combonation? Found Via VTInterior but who designed it - Anyone? 


  1. andd the amazing juju hat- every home should have one hanging on a wall.

  2. Can't help with identifying the designer but it's a lovely space and I am loving yellow as an accent these days!

  3. This is a picture of Maria Barros home. She is a portuguese interior designer. You can see more of her work at or on her facebook page:

    1. Wow thanks for the source--- what gorgeous work and a great website!!!! I esp looovvveee her rooms to sleep and dream in with the floral wallpaper and tufted headboard. Gorgeous!

  4. this is a cheery space.
    quite Palm Beach.


  5. HI This is a good friend and wonderful Interior Designer from Portugal. Maria Barros.
    She has recently published a book about Creating a Happy Home.
    She lives on the coast of Portugal about 20 min from Lisbon in a very quaint village called Cascais.