Friday, February 17, 2012

Johathan Adler Decor Amour

This might be the greatest rug ever made BRAVO Jonathan

Did I tell you I finally painted my living room white but they made me stop at the ceiling. This is such a cool room ! via Jonathan Adler
Sweet Dreams - that tiny plate above that huge bed is cracks me up!


  1. Hi Suze,
    Wondering if your taste or style has changed since your big move?

    1. Yes! I am more into things that have texture and are distressed - I also love a white room yet still love color. Have you noticed changes in my posts? just curious.

  2. Very colorful and vibrant decor in those pictures, and it seems to be the same for pretty much everything on their website. It gives kind of a funky yet very cozy vibe. I like it, though I'm of a different opinion when it comes to that tiny plate above the bed... It kinda freaks me out! :p