Thursday, January 26, 2012

Perfectionist Home Could You?

This was in Today's New York Times Home Section and it is Jaw Dropping. I am a total slob but dream of perfection. Here it is. 
I can dream but I could never do it. Gorg right?
Tod Waterbury

No Room fo mistakes here

 Even the TV was painted White


  1. I think I dream more in between my current slob state and these examples. There's a reason I have doors on my cabinets.

    1. I definitely could not! I need a space that lets me be a bit imperfect. :)

  2. Is this maybe to obsessive/compulsive? I feel like I would just want to go crazy and mess up his books and pillows and take a rainbow of spray paints to the all white interior! This is definitely my inner-child speaking... Cheers, Cynthia

  3. I could stack my pots and books like that,but the books would have to be stacked in graduating sizes!! Living in all white, no way, I have to have color!!! Color is fun!! White is clean and neat but by itself, boring in my book, Kathysue

  4. I need a 'touch' of what he's got.

  5. These comments are funny. Cynthia - I feel the same way!

  6. Honestly I think it's scary. Although I wish I were a little more organized, I wouldn't want to live or decorate like that....boring.