Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My New Favorite Phrase "THAT"S VERY GOODLOOKING"

You can not understand how fab this phrase is until you check out this new site Very GoodLooking. Sally Horschow (yes her dad started the catalogue) has good taste in her blood. Her mom used to look at a chic table or outfit and say "now that is very goodlooking" and it was the ultimate compliment. Sally's blog is so much fun to watch - mostly video and filled with great tips  I am so inspired. Love the idea that you should  tell your childeren that they can not touch their new present until they write a thank you note. Check it out! After you watch 5 videos you will start calling everything very goodlooking!

Very GoodLooking


  1. "A gift is not yours until the thank you note is written." Don't you love it?! Thanks so much for posting, Suze!

  2. Her name is Sally Horchow