Monday, October 24, 2011

Question: Should I Paint My Brown Wood Beam Ceiling White?

I have to make a case for painting a brown wood ceiling white. I have one and no matter how much I light it the room feels like a dundgeon. I will post the picture at the bottom of this post.  PLEASE, feel free to chime in I would love advice.
Here is the Inspiration:

Vicente Wolf

“I am known for doing white spaces, but the reality is that white is my background color,” says New York designer Vicente Wolf. “Painting a room white highlights the architecture of the space. The white I consistently go back to is Benjamin Moore Super White.”

Via Style Files
Via Alex Hayden

Via Costal Living: Before
BEFORE Via Raenovate

Cool Idea - How much fun would this be?Via Costal Living

Here is what the room  really looks like and don't forget this is a rental with their furniture. I want to paint the fireplace and walls white to - is this going to cost me a fortune? Help!!!!


  1. Yup, I'm a huge fan of the white! Sometimes, you just need a more airy space.

  2. yes! totally! lighter and bigger room with white beams!.. go for it!

  3. the first image knocks me out!
    love it.

  4. Go for it! I think it would make everything seem lighter and brighter! Oh and I would whitewash the brick. That way you don't cover up the beauty that is a brick fireplace.

  5. Ok...I love white. I also love wooden beams. I totally understand what you mean about needing light. I hate feeling spaces that don't feel bright and open.
    I would recommend painting the wood in between the heavy beams white, and maybe getting rid/painting over the wood paneling on back wall. But I would leave the heavy beams natural. I think they would look ok white, but I love the mix of rustic with white. And they would still draw the eyes upward that way!

  6. Oh I forgot to leave you a link! Here are more photos of rooms with wooden beams, because I am also going through a similar dilemma.

    - Elle (Barefoot And Beautiful)

  7. We recently painted all of our beams/ceilings white (everything is Swiss Coffee and I mean everything) and it's changed our lives and transformed our home. I say go for it!!!

  8. I don't get it: even though you're renting, you're allowed to paint, especially something like a beamed ceiling?

    I guess if the landlord is ok with it, I would go for it. In fact, I second Elle Meyers suggestion above.

  9. Oh I love the whiteness of it all...

    looks more fresh and so serene.

  10. Checking out Swiss Coffee now - OK how to I word it to my landlord that her livngroom needs a makeover

  11. The white looks great....but it can be overwhelming, what about leaving the beams natural??

  12. paint the walls, leave the ceiling as is.

  13. i just redid my kitchen and added a wood ceiling (reclaimed wood) and painted white beams. it is the first thing people notice and comment on when they walk into the room. i say you paint the beams white and leave ceiling wood. the ceiling pops. i wouldn't paint it all white at once -- you can always paint more, but can't (easily) take it back if you go all white at once.

  14. I'd paint the tongue and groove boards white, but leave the beams natural wood. You'll have the best of both worlds. The contrast would be stunning.