Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Rock A Turkish Rug

As most of you know there are some things that come with the perfect man that are not so perfect. Mine came with 8 turkish rugs that have been living under my bed for the last 11 years. Can anyone tell me where I can sell these in Los Angeles? 
Via HGTV from Domino -  layering vintage rugs and pairing with cool furniture makes it modern.
or just throw some rockstars on top - I see no other way. You? Who are these guys?


  1. Your post should have been called How to Hock A Turkish Rug... and I so know what you mean. Mine only came home with 2 - one beautiful which is at the end of our bed and one not-so-beautiful which is acting as a door mat in the front hall! I do loved the layered look - very bohemian chic!

  2. Layering them is a great display, more fun, less frump.

  3. Since the rugs are probably too large to sell on Ebay, I would try to see if there is a showroom at the Pacific Design Center or any other great LA home store that would take them from you on consignment - maybe take a few pictures to show? If that fails, maybe email the pictures to top LA interior decorators. Good luck!

  4. Don't try to store them at my house. I'm already out of room from your other stuff. :-) Mom