Friday, July 15, 2011

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

I just discovered the perfect diner party gift especially for your friends who have at home bars which is a HUGE  trend here in Los Angeles. How chic is this packaging from Squirrel Brand and the nuts are beyond gourmet with names like  Herbes de Provence Pecans and Italian Black Truffle Almonds and so much more - YUMMMM! I am obsessed with the gourmet  peanut butter and the chic horn knife it comes with.

Love this nutcracker for the tough nut to crack! I should get it for my husband :)

Some of the delicious nuts - for a nut tasting.


  1. Oo, can you do a whole post on home bars? We just moved into a house with a full built-in bar in the basement. It's dated and ugly but my husband (of course) loves it! I'd love to see good examples of home bars for some inspiration on how to make it look good.