Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Peachy

What did the decorator  say to her boyfriend after making love?  Peach - I think we should paint the ceiling peach! 
Via Lonny (June/July) Interior Design by David Cafiero
I ALWAYS love this room  I think it is from Veranda - anyone know who designed it?
Meg Braff

From HB

Malton from Benjamin Moore
BENJAMIN MOORE MALTON 1073: "We wanted a sense of lightness in this bedroom suite, floating up on the 10th floor. So we put grasscloth on the walls and covered a niche with tin can lids that look like pewter and bronze and gold and silver. Then we painted all the trim in Malton, which is the color of a cup of Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar in it. Everything's softened and muted and blurry." -MATTHEW WHITE


  1. Pretty color!! I like it when it is just a hint of peach almost blush, so soothing, Kathysue

  2. Love the first room with those great chairs. What a classic set-up, in front of the fireplace and with the garden stool in between. Really beautiful!

  3. So funny you posted about peach. I just met with a potential client who wants to use peach all over her new home. A few of my colleagues were horrified, but I'm excited about it! It's all in the interpretation!

  4. Peach!! such a romantic color! I like it, I might incorporate it in a bathroom painting now.