Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Want to write a memoir but just don't have the time... This you have to see!

Ever thought about what your biography or the story of your family might look like? Well I found this stand at the Santa Monica farmers market and saw some of the books they created and wished I owned one about my family. They are not cheap nor should they be but rather the ultimate gift!

Check out Relive Stories

Think about it! Imagine you and your sisters on the cover. PS - I read this years ago and remember really liking it.

Life Celebration Books are completely custom, professionally-written books that capture the essence of your personal or family history.  These can be individual custom biographies or your family history.
Each package includes the story text, photos, a custom page design and cover, and an optional family tree or graphic.  Additional hours of interviewing or additional photos can be added to each package.  

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