Thursday, May 19, 2011

Touch Screen Toilet with EVERYTHING

"This morning on one of my favorite blogs  Doornob posted this had to share:

What can this futuristic high-tech toilet do? Better question might be: what can’t the  Numi do. A first front-mounted sensor raises the lid when you walk into the bathroom, while a second detector on the side near the floor lets you flip up the seat with a flick of your foot.
But that is just the beginning – light-up, touch-screen controls turn on the heated seat and feet warmers. Of course it has a bidet but … an integrated air dryer and charcoal-filtered deodorizer? OK, Kohler, enough is enough, that has to be it right? Wrong.
Then there is the MP3 player (plus radio combo), tied into built-in speakers – turn on the FM, program your tunes on the fly (or rather: while you sit) or set it to run through a preset playlist.
Next thing you know they will roll beyond the bowl and start deploying motion-sensing toilet paper rolls, automated waste bins and perhaps a robot to hold a book or magazine while you go about your business."