Monday, April 25, 2011

A House Where Perfect Never Ends... Isn't it Divine?

Canadian-born designer Amanda Nisbet relied on bold colours when designing this beach house in the Hamptons Thank You  Style At Home  for this Amazing feature story - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 
Amanda matching the Decor perfectly

Can this home be any more Hamptonsie? 
The definition of  Feng Shui. I was so proud of myself for recognizing this fabric first try ... It's by Quadrille under the China Sea catagory and it is called Sigourney. 

Coral, Navy , Natural Wood ... Yes Yes Yes you should! 

The pop of bright pink in a navy room gets me every time!
A strong case for the matchy matchy look.

The breaks in the runner make it! I also adore seagrass or ratan wallpaper
Besides the kitchen being complete heaven how amazing is the styling?  I need a ton of apples in my kitchen so my kids can throw them at each other.
If only I had the time


  1. what is that lovely yellow and white fabric on the armchair in the family room?

  2. I love Ms. Nisbett! Isn't she going to be on Million Dollar Decorators?