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Easy Feng Shui Tips That WILL Change Your Home and Life For The Better!

How gorgeous are these Feng Shui Gurus? Meet Laura Forbes Carlin  (brunette on the leftand Alison Forbes (blond on the right) - not only are they business partners & bff's but they are sisters.  They have one philosophy, "Changing your home will transform your life!"  Their Feng Shui tips have created romance and family peace.  Their  blog, Inspired Everyday Living  is exactly as pitched.  I asked  Laura and Alison  for their best romance and sibling peace tips and then, of course, I had to edit down  big time so try and check out their blog, book and apps after.  If you are a fan like me click HERE! (PS I was #100) 

Read this if you want to transform your single status to + 1 or just get more action! 

Number 1 Rule: Design your room for a party of 2 not 1.
Perfect Example Before:

This is a bedroom for one (i.e., one bedside table, one reading lamp, one pillow) or the long side of the bed is pushed up against a wall so only one person can enter the bed comfortably. While it is important to accept and embrace where you are now, it is also important that you make some space for a partner. An all white room or a room with little color can "cool off" a relationship.

Via House Beautiful

Create a space for two people—both symbolically and physically make space for your future partner. Add a second side table, push the bed away from the wall, or add another reading lamp, and making sure there are places for two people to eat together or hang out. Act “as if” you are already in a relationship.

Also keep color in mind : romantic colors impact our emotions. To promote more romance in your life, decorate the bedroom with sensual colors, like skin tones such as beige and chocolate, or use shades of red, the color associated with passion and love, like burgundy and terracotta the above has it all :) .  

Don't paint the room all red--too much of red can increase arguments and make it hard to sleep.

STAY AWAY from Clutter or the  bachelor pad or little girl's room. Rooms that look like they are designed for girls and boys rather than men and women are a turn-off. If you are a man, a Women won't think you're looking for something serious if you live like you're in college. If you are a woman, Men want to be with a woman, not take care of a little girl. Do live in a clutter-free, organized, beautiful space - clutter blocks new and better things from coming into our lives.

Nothing Happening in this room except maybe the laundry.

DO: surround yourself with images that reflect your goals (such as pictures of romantic places, happy couples or things in two’s) and evoke positive, uplifting feelings.

Here is my pick available at Conde Nast

Horst P. Horst

George Hoyningen-Huené's much-seen 1930 photograph, simply called 'Divers,' depicts the photographer's protégé Horst P. Horst and a model posing in Izod bathing suits. Horst, who soon after became an assistant to the Russian-born lensman and, of course, a photographer in his own right, was a frequent subject of Hoyningen-Huené's pictures. The image's meticulous and formal composition exemplifies both photographers' aesthetic style. This image ran in the July 5, 1930, Vogue.


DO: Best for each child to have their own room but if not: set up the space so each child feels he has ownership over parts of the room beyond their beds such as the wall space next to the bed, separate desks, closets or drawers etc
Nathan Egan 

Don't : Avoid bunk beds as this leads to inequality in the relationship as someone is always on top!

DO: Paint the room a neutral color, and bring in each of their color preferences with accents such as bedspreads, pillows, etc. Choose soothing colors to create a peaceful vibe in the room and in their relationship. 
DON'T: Use Bright, active colors may heighten the energy in the room and lead to arguments.
Via Domino

DO :Photographs: Place at least one current photograph in the room where the siblings are together and smiling. Particularly for the first child, also place a happy current photograph of each child with mommy and daddy.

Via Domino

DO create a Shared space with  a game, toy or art table set up for two. Similarly, consider a daily ritual or game that your kids enjoy and that they do together. This could be as simple as a special way of saying goodnight. Oldie but Goodie!

 DO: EDIT -The challenge with children is that they are always growing and changing. The room therefore needs to adapt as well. Let go of outgrown clothes and toys and make space for the things that support and inspire your child in the present moment. Of course, attachment objects or a few cherished things from their baby years are great enhancements too—just find a balance. Create a great view from the bed with artwork that your child loves.

DO : Command position: Beds should be placed with a solid wall behind and a view of the door in front. 
Don't: Put  the foot of the bed directly facing the door. 

DO : Set your Intention: Write down your intention and positive vision for you children’s relationship with each other. You may wish to place this written intention in a special box or under a happy photo of your children in a part of the house where you will see it often. This will remind you to think of their relationship positively and hold a positive vision for your family in place.


jamie said...

You won't be surprised to hear that the day I bought a fullsize mattress is the day I met my future husband. I had been sleeping in a twin bed post-college and literally the day I bought my full-size is the day I met him. We get married on Saturday and this week he's going to go buy us a queen-size mattress. :)


  1. You won't be surprised to hear that the day I bought a fullsize mattress is the day I met my future husband. I had been sleeping in a twin bed post-college and literally the day I bought my full-size is the day I met him. We get married on Saturday and this week he's going to go buy us a queen-size mattress. :)

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