Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 12 iconic useless decorating pieces

And the top 12 Iconic Useless decorating pieces are.......
ROK - This one is for you. PS - Thanks all my fab readers for posting your picks! I adore you!  PS Add more so I have something to write about tomorrow hehehe.

1. Foo Dogs

Images Via Mackenzie Pages
$78 buy here

2. sheep-shaped chairs designed by Francois-Xavier Lalanne --1967.
Via the Selvedge Yard

Chez Lisa A Bloomsbury Life

April said...

3. Horse bust

3. Horse Busts

Inside the store Flair Via HAbitually Chic See amazing horse bust in the corner 

4. Ceramic DogsVia Perch

Viceroy by Kelly Wearstler

5. Jeff Koons vase

6.  frist printing of I Married Adventure  Via Apartment 412

7. ceramic garden stools
Room by Meg Braff

Image Via La Maison Fou
Image Via here 

9. Coral

10 Antlers
Image found here

11. Owl umbrella stand
12. Convex Mirror
Via Here


  1. I want that Jeff Koons vase. Where can I get one?

  2. Very fun post!!! I will have to say though I actually use my white garden stools a little table. I have two in front of my sofa!! Love them and I loved this post!!! KS

  3. Loved your list - we were actually discussing what would be on our list yesterday and I had mentioned the convex mirror - does anyone look good peering into it??

  4. Such a fun post!! I loved participating, and thanks for the mention!! As far as other items, I'd go with the Domino Book of Decorating. Any interior designer wants others to know they have this and it's often subtly featured in their rooms. =) There's also the bowl of fake fruit (tacky, I know)... I'm not sure what the attraction is, but people love it. Also, vintage suitcases, just stacked against walls (now this one I LOVE). Why are they there? To look good, that's why =) I'll take one set of Louis Vuitton suitcases for my wall, please and thanks!

  5. Oh, we've got a garden stool! It's in our living room as a side table. I have to say, I've never been a fan of foo dogs!

  6. Ooh! Also, the sunburst mirror, very "in" right now. See:

  7. How about the one most long lasting---the french country rooster. Why oh why?????

  8. wonderful list! love Francois-Xavier Lalanne's work

  9. Brilliant post! Oh bugger, I have two of the listed items!

  10. Antlers and garden stools here. I never have understood the appeal of those glove forms - seems creepy to me!!

  11. Wait, I need to add ceramic dogs and foo dogs. I have a few of those, too...

  12. Love the list! Is it sad that I listed most of these in my previous response? haha

    Some one of the others I forgot...

    suzani prints, ikat, Moroccan poofs, animal print rugs and hides, Keep Calm posters, and lucite tables.

    Though, I fully recognize the utility of the poofs, rug, and table. :)

  13. I must be so uncool! I actually LIKE all that stuff. In fact, I LUST after the Hermes blanket. Well, that is except for the sheep(which I also submitted to u) and the dogs, but then again I am not a LIVE Sheep or dog person.....

  14. Useless? maybe, but I still like most of these things. (Well maybe not the sheep.)

  15. I really love this post! Sometimes useless things are the best things!

    ~Sarah Wells

  16. what's useless is this list.