Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9 Inspirational Bedroom Makeovers

Photo: Jen Siska
Styling: AB Chao + Kelley Lilien Via AB Chao

Ahhh The perfect bedroom - We all Want it and few have it - Here are my favorite roll up your sleves and just do it inspirational photos

BEFORE by Amanda Nisbet Click here for the play by play House Beautiful

Via Nick Olsen and Directed by Nick Olsen
Photo Mary Kate Frank
Apartment of  Mary Kate Frank


Domino Via Kim Myles
BEFORE Via Raenovate Via lily zingman of lily z design inc.  “z box” transformations .


Via AB Chao

Via Shelterpop by Beth Odence, Principal Designer of BJTO Design 
Domino Magazine Via Alkemie


Chez Moi


  1. I am so ready for a bedroom makeover! Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  2. I especially love the ones from AB Chao.

  3. Suze, I love the painting in the first makeover! Absolutely refreshing!

    Maurenice @Villa Bisono

  4. ... now I know what I need to do this weekend ! :)
    Redo, redo, redo!!

    Northern Light

  5. Hi suze, I love your blog! I did want to let you know that the before from "ZOOZ" is stolen from John & Sherry @ I clicked on the link to ZOOZ and it looks like they stole all their pictures. Just wanted to let you know!

  6. Oh so many fabulous transformations!!! This is so inspiring- thanks for sharing.

  7. Hal-delicious is right! The before pic is from So, sad this kind of thing happens & you get stuck in the middle.
    Just thought you'd like to know!


  8. I was just going to say the same thing as hal-delicious: zooz has taken photos from from their gallery of photos from their last house (they just moved and are currently transforming a new place). If you just change the credit on the "before" pic you'll honor their photo rights. Funny though, that pic is their "after" for their master bedroom. The "after" pic posted by zooz isn't YHL, I don't think, and certainly isn't the same room.

  9. Mia culpa! We are a new web site, under construction, not expecting any real visitors yet -- and we borrowed pictures for our Project of the Month section, and didn't credit a source, because we didn't think anyone would see!! We are going to remove those pictures and put up our own. If anyone has an interesting project to post, we would love to have it -- and credit it!!! We have great stuff under development -- just not quite ready yet. Sorry Suze about this!!! And thanks for the feedback and for visiting the site.

    We didn't think anybody

  10. The content on has been modified to accurately credit the great work of Young House Love. Sorry again, Suze!

  11. Thanks for these great images. I LOVE Before & After posts, so inspiring! Nicolex

  12. Yours is fab! And I have a big arched window planned for a MBR addition. So psyched to see that photo.
    Finally, I did a bedroom on my blog today. Bedrooms on the brain for sure!
    Lynn from decor arts now

  13. Thanks for making that adjustment, Jane, and good luck with your site as you finish construction on it!


  14. Hi, I think there is still a mistake. That room is not an "after" of the young house love picture.

  15. Sorry about all of the confusion and getting back to everyone so late. On the ZooZ post it looked like a makeover but I made a mistake with the credit and the before and after - I apologize. I decided to replace the image with a new one. So sorry to John at Young House Love - Your blog rocks and I am so happy I found it today. I want to do something bigger and better on your blog soon. And Zooz - not to worry - It was my fault for rushing. All my best, Suze

  16. Can you please tell me if the rainbow like art in the top photo is a print? If so, please tell me where I can buy it. Awesome.
    Thank you.

  17. I need someone's opinion on carpets in bedrooms. do they have to be totally under the bed? and what about the cleaning that rug with so much dust under there? can a smaller area carpet look OK without going under the bed?