Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Just Look At It When You Can Eat It?

My favorite part about living in LA is my garden. Before I moved here I though vegatables came only from the supermarket and now I am growing tomatoes, basil, zuchini, cucumber, pepper, dill, oregeno, rosemary , mint onion,sugar snap peas, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries and so far everything seems to be working.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Who knew?  I met this very cool hippyish guy, Tommy Teeple,  at the farmers market who owns a company that will build edible gardens and composts for you and I hired him to come check out my garden to see if I was doing it right. My neighbor and I listened to him tell us how he went from finance to farming and we were both so inspired.  I had attempted a garden before and my husband called it my $1,000  cucumber because that is the only thing that grew. I planted at the wrong time and the soil was filled with uncontollable roots from the last garden planted - so I dug the entire thing up and started again and I am thrilled!  Its growing and I am eating off the land - not quite! Don't be surprised if I trade in my Manolos and Dresses for Crocks and rubber gloves :)
Here are some pictures of my garden,
crazy that I could fit so much in this space
 The tomatoes shot up in 3 weeks - now they are almost my height
 Peppers and basil
 Can you see the sugar snap pea?
 Onion  and dill - the dill isn't doing that well - any tips?
More to come later - It is taking to long to up load. What do you think? are you inspired?
 The blueberry bush
 The grove - orange tree
 The apple tree
 There is a lime and guava tree there to
 Have no clue what this is but I am sure I can eat it
 The strawberries


  1. Really inspired I love your herb garden and all the rest!! You do need some Crocs and garden gloves for sure!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Inspired and jealous!! I just returned from a trip in California and I was drooling over all of the wonderful healthy gardens and trees! Good job taking advantage of it!!

    Will you please come over and participate in my blue and white fabric challenge? I have a feeling you will know the perfect thing...I'm sending out splendid prizes.

  3. good luck with your garden - i cant wait to be able to plant my own!! (soon we hope) . . . love your $1000 cucumber story - classic!

  4. sooo jealous of your citrus trees!

  5. jealous! I love fresh veggies and fruit, and wish I lived in a place with more hospitable climate. You GROW, girl! =)

  6. I absolutely love our veggie patch and really appreciate that the Auckland climate is also great for growing stuff. Your garden looks great.

  7. Suze, sooooo impressed with your glorious garden. Who would have thought you could do this, too? Send me a salad!!!
    xox mom