Thursday, April 21, 2011

Staged to Sell.. A Great Chat with Heide Ziecker of Meridith Baer & Associates

The other day I went to check out a home and I was emotionally touched by the decor and feel - everything was perfection and you know how I love that! I felt personally connected to the home. Upon further inspection I found out why. The house was staged by Meridith Baer & Associates and project was spear headed by one of her top designers and president of the Meridith Baer fan club Heide Ziecker. She started about 10 years ago when she met Merideth who after 10 minutes started handing her stuff and told her to get to work. A job Heidi is in love with and you can tell even despite her lack of formal design or any training! 

When Heidi gets her assignment her inner monologue / fantasy  begins.  This one is about an east coast family that summers in the Hamptons and decided to immigrate to the Palisades and wanted a beachy, crisp, fresh feel." I had a great chat with Heide who gave me insight into the method to her genius little touched like tutus, vintage binoculars and tiny shiny yellow rubber boots are just a few of her touches that will get you invested. 

In reference to the table, "We had it made  - it's so dramatic to have such a long table in 10, 11 or  12ft - it has a LOGGIA FEEL - VERY ALFRESCO"    I personally was so excited to learn that you can actually buy everything I am more than in love with this look.

"EVERY HOUSE GETS A BIG BOWL OF LEMONS - I love  old indian wooden bowls from importers or an interesting vessel for lemons. Bowls are always filled with one thing that seems fresh — lemons, limes or artichokes NEVER mixed! . Love a round table for breakfast because it feels more communal. Flowers must be fresh. "
"I like to do something that feels serene and that everyone can relate to. White is almost always used for mix and matching purposes so we can play with the furniture from room to room. I bring in color by layering accessories , wood, lamps etc. White couches are the frame work but everything else makes the space."
"Because we have 160 staged homes right now, when we get things back it is always a surprise.  The more time I have the better but usually it is never more than 2 weeks from start to finish.  The right accessories makes all the difference.. It never feels complete to me until the throws and accessories arrive. "
"Baseball player catching by artist John Robertson  and oars in the corner seem perfect for  in house sports storage and echos a summer house feel add yellow boots gives it an authentic feel." 

"This huge metal clock - it works on batteries - I like to make all my offices a little retro and think about a mad genius - I love and always include a statement piece."

"Little details add emotion and its emotion that sells the home so adding a little tutu on the bed
Creates a more intimate connection and makes a house a home."
"Just pick one thing  here it is the large silver mirror  and have everything under echo the one piece"
I grabbed this shot from Facebook - sorry Heide but wanted to show you off to my bloggies.

WATCH LISTEN AND LEARN...This is the brilliant Meridith Baer and I want to Thank the New York Times for creating this superb video - I am more than inspired.


  1. thanks for this post and those great tips! we will be trying to sell our place soon and will need all the staging tips we can get in this market!


  2. The outdoor area alone would have sold me on the house.

  3. That extra long table is exquisite, and I don't use that word very often! I'm off to watch the NYT video now. I just found your blog and love it...I'll be back! :) Please stop by mine also if you have a minute:

  4. man alive! no wonder you felt connected, she's a beaut!

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