Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hermes Blanket and Why we want it

Why do we want to spend $950 on a partially cashmere blanket - because it looks AMAZING! I cant help that I want to jump on the band wagon heres why:
Via The Huntress Lives

Via Rebecca June
Windsor Smith's home
Chez Kelly Wearstler
Via The World According to Jessica Claire


  1. Love that blanket... besides looking great I'm sure it's so soft to snuggle with in winter

  2. I'll admit I bought the H belt a few years a go ($550). Is it worth it? ENTIRELY! So yes I think at some point I need the blanket. What colour though??? Decisions! xo

  3. The one in Kelly Wearstler's son's room kills me. Do you think he actually sleeps on it or just staged for the shoot? If he does, he's a lucky lil guy!

  4. oh yeah. gotta love the HERMES

  5. oh, it's so on my list! Great minds :) New follower-