Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Organizing GURU

One of the happiest days of my life was when Domino Magazine came to my house with Organizing Wiz Ilene Drexler.
The Organizing Wiz®
Phone: 917-301-1981
To Do a makeover of my closet. I learned so much that day and it is a lifelong quest for me to get to the point where I walk into my home and feel like everything is in order - Will it ever happen - probably not but I can dream. My biggest challenge is that I am an acaadamy award winning slob and can trash a room in under 15 seconds - not dirty just messy BIG TIME. So I am going to declare this week to the quest for perfection - unless of course I get bored and have to move on.

Love the Blog I Suwannee. All images below via I Suwannee

What to do when you don't know what to do with your mantal place
Shelf Arangment that makes me want to stand up and clap
Love the bookcase but even more the art balencing on the ledge I did this in my old apartment with my kids art and it was a great way to add color and pride
I have been color coordinating my bookcases since 89 and not only does it look fabulous but I can always find what I am looking for -

I did this in my room With nails and bags years ago an entire wall and it was magig to be able to have every bag at my fingertips and looked like n art instilation
Orginized Invites


  1. I love organizing my books by color as well! It just looks prettier that way and it makes it really easy to find what you want.

    My only problem is a vast amount of chic lit books, which normally come in pink so I way too much of that color!

    I did a small display in my guest room:

  2. Have been toying with the idea of organizing my books by color for over a year...think I need to just do this already.