Sunday, March 21, 2010

Going to Pieces... I wish!

I have a fantasy.. I wake up race to the airport... fly to Atlanta ..take a taxi to the store Pieces... hang out buy everything... then come home in time to eat dinner with the kiddies. It is going to happen one day the only question is when. I love this store so much it hurts but I have never been there. I base this all on the Piece written by the fabulouse Interior Designer Vanessa De Vargas on the blog Decor 8


  1. I'm going to Atlanta this week and I CANNOT wait to get to Pieces!

  2. It would be almost impossible not to leave with something. Glad I live in NY and can't be tempted!

  3. Love pieces... had the pleasure of being there once, but for a very quick visit. Wished I could have stayed all day. xo