Monday, March 15, 2010

Harvey Probber.. Furniture yesterday today

Harvey Probber (1922-2003) was not only an inovative furniture designer, he was a family member - that is of course if you count my grandmother's ( Ruth Probber/Yalof/Berl) first cousin as family. Harvey Probber, born Brooklyn, New York
in 1944 invented modular seating. Was that vision or what? Everywhere I look I feel like I see a new twist on his brilliant work and I mean EVERYWHERE!
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This is a Harvey Probber sofa that sold on 1st dibs for 16,000 dollars ,
I have the same sofa that i bought for 750.00 from two guys, and redid.
The first dibs sofa has a extra section and a footstool and is tufted,
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$16,000 sofas Via Converso


  1. Your grandmother's first cousin sure counts as a relative in my book (in any book) what an amazing man, loved this post!

  2. Thank you so much and thank you so much for all of your comments - they mean so much to me!!!!! Suze

  3. I bought a Harvey Probber dining room table second hand in Providence, RI thirty years ago. It opens to 120" with each insert matching/continuing the grain on the surface. I have always loved the piece but didn't understand until recently just how special it is.
    Bonnie M.