Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gone Fishing...Metaphorically

Hi Friends! I'm in Israel exploring the land of milk and honey, not able to make it to the intenet easily and therefore, not able to blog as often. Every building here is either beige or in ruins so although I'm spiritually inspired, visually I'm not there yet. I'm traveling with family and friends, one of which is decorator Julie Hillman who's mastered the art of travel chic. I have to buy her white Calypso scarf with the pom poms the second I get back--it looks good with EVERYTHING. Shalom and looking forward to connecting soon, around April 5.


  1. Just checked out Julie's site and now completely obsessed with her portfolio! Her scarf does not appear to be on the Calypso site, which is a crime, cause I bet its gorgeous. Next time I am in the city, will have to investigate this further. Enjoy the sites, and have falafel for me.
    (Shabat) Shalom.

  2. Happy travels and enjoy... see you soon!