Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Meditation

 Breathing in it's going to look fabulous! 
Doris Day's Kitchen
Doris Day was so  happy in hers and mine looked the same but I just couldn't find the love. Since the day I moved into this house, I have been secretly plotting to destroy this kitchen. My husband finally gave me the green light and so before I even had a plan I ripped it up the next day. There is no turning back now!  I am pulling it together on the fly and I am so excited! The concept is this below.

Something like this but not this:
White cabinets, white beveled subway tile , white Carrera countertop with waterfall and pale gray floor tile.
Unfortunately, I have to buy a pinball machine and put it in the living room as payback and keep the Go Rangers welcome mat but I think it is a fair exchange.
So fellow dwellers with taste - any good advice. Help. 

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