Friday, May 25, 2012


The best part about moving to a new city is meeting amazing people. I found a total gem. Her name is Lulu Powers and she is THE Entertainologist  - never heard of an Entertainologist? Probably because Lulu created it and deservingly so. She truly takes entertaining to a new level and has a huge celebrity following though she would never share. Think Madonna and beyond.  I love her blog - Lulu Powers. At every divine event here in LA -- I find the genius behind the decor, music, gorgeous waiters and phenomenal and sometimes comical food, think Frito pie: snack bag of Frito rolled down adorned with beef short ribs sour creme cheddar cheese and scallions - YUM!  Or caramelized bacon served as a first course at a chic dinner that  is Lulu. You might have seen her book:
Or Gorgeous Home in Lonny Dec 2010
The original play station

Love the marked territory with a monogram

Every room is fun just like Lulu.
Lulu with her great looking husband and talented  photographer Stevie Danelian
I won't even go into her wardrobe which is always colorful vintage and J'adorable! Would love to hear what you think. XO


  1. I have to get this book - and style my living room just like Lulu's! What a talented and beautiful lady.

    1. Just read her your comment and she LOVED it!!!! Thanks Diane

  2. Not only is Lulu (AND Stevie!) gloriously beautiful and creative, everything she touches turns to magic within seconds - her home, garden and wardrobe are as colorful and delicious as she is!