Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love affair with Bougainvillea

I love Bougainvillea and have it all over my house - It is beyond GORG and I can't get enough!!!!!! What is your favorite flower in the wild?

 Via EDYTA and CO 

Making an Entrance!
In Capri Via Here


  1. We have so many where I live its very traditional in our climate, they come in various colors, love the yellow orange ones; and their fragrance is amazing.

  2. Yess I just loveee it! Something about the bright deep hue and lots and lots of foliage is so magical!! :))

  3. I think the first two photos are actually petunias, which anyone in a moderate climate could have for a stretch in the summer

  4. When I lived in the Santa Barbara, CA area, I used to see it all the time. I love it so much. Now, in Dallas, I never see it. It's really the most astonishing vine.