Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tie Dye For

 Museum of Arts and Design celebrated the 40th anniversary ofMaya Romanoff and the launch of three spectacular tie-dye wallpapers

Via the NY Times

Via Anthropology


  1. LOVE the wallpaper- off to see more of it. I also like the chairs but the sofa...too much for me:)

  2. Me to but I would like to see it in a cooler setting to make sure. Could be amazing

  3. i LOVE that first photo! Insane. I have the wallpaper for my bedroom picked out from an amazing artist in brooklyn. her paper looks very much like tie-dye. you can see it here. http://eskayel.com/

    Actually, I'm sure she would love to be featured she is an amazing artist and her prices are reasonable. win/win.