Monday, July 26, 2010

CAITLIN WILSON.. the pillow master

I am always so happy when Caitlin Wilson posts her gorgeous work on her  blog Style Files.  She truly knows how to make every room pop with pillows. 

This couch with pillows and throws takes my breath away

Since you can't put pillows in the kitchen she does it with bright pink towels and matching flowers 

Love this eclectic pillow mix and Why do sunburst mirrors never get old?

This is officially the cutest picture in the world. Caitlin's daughter matching the pillows!

A place for the sweetest dreams!

As Jonathan Adler always says - Clashing is Dashing!


  1. That first couch makes me a happy guy - colourful, vibrant and full of energy!

  2. Thank you suze, you are SO SO sweet. i have some new pillows going up today on the blog too!

  3. her work, home and blog are amazing, but for me the best part is her incredible Olivia, most amazing baby girl ever!

  4. i am thinking you might be right about her pillow mastery.... :)

    Noerthern Light

  5. The first image is perfection. Black and white combined with shots of color always works.

  6. I love the top photo! She definitely is a pillow master.

  7. Love Caitlin and her designs are Beautiful!


  8. Totally agree, love Caitlin and her little Olivia is just precious, her best creation to date. Loved all of these images, I agree the first almost took my breath away also. Kathysue

  9. I agree--she has an incredible knack for mixing pillows and using just the right amount of pattern and color in a room.

  10. Suze these are such fabulous images, and I adore tthrow pillows!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  11. Clashing is Dashing, Love it!! Her pillows are fantastic and we always love her design!