Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Samantha Pynn .. Color Master

The rooms of Samantha Pynn just make me happy , I more than love her use of color
Photos by Virginia Macdonald 
How divine are these pillow cases mixed with pink
This wallpaper is perfection

The chair that pics up the curtain that picks up the bed ! This is a room that makes sweet dreams happen.

I love a non working fireplace stuffed with wood - Don't ask me why. But that is not all that I love about these rooms

You know this kid will be cool.

I am drawn to lavender - Always!

This is the way to make straw blinds not only work but look fabulous

A printed curtain always makes the room

A stripe one does to

I want , need cry for this chandelier

Mixed pillows and a fig leaf tree = Genious

Round dining room tables are the way to go

1 comment:

  1. Colour Master? I beg to differ. She does not have a good balance between her saturation levels. Her colour pairs look arbitrary and forced. I want to like her rooms but it's the colour combinations that inevitably let the room down.