Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Back

I had the best time in Israel and definitely recommend it - What an adventure! If you can go.. make it happen! There is to much to do there so shopping became the lowest priority . My favorite area was Neve-Tsedek which is the Soho of Tel-Aviv. I discovered a jewelry store by the designer Ayala Bar and attacked it. Ayala Bar at workA few of her fab necklaces Via Artfulsoul
They look AMAZING with white shirts and a dare I say a tan

Another Amazing moment was going into the desert for a Moroccan feast - plastic matts and pillows lined the floor, hummas and salads overflowing and mint tea served in moroccan tea glasses made me swoon! Not to mention that we all were given hand drums and banged it out for an hour. I have to do a repeat party on my roof. O

Can you say YUMMMMM!
Via Mighty Leaf

Via Sealed with a Kiss

Via Home Infatuation
Plastic Turkish Mats approx $35 Via Casa de Isla


  1. Welcome back and I can tell why you attacked that shop... love the jewelry!

  2. Thank you and I must say it is sooooo much better in person!