Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gloria Vanderbilt at Home

Gloria Vanderbilt at home... this is Glamour!
Photographer Jack Robinson's work is heaven but I warn you if you visit his site you will get lost in photographic fantasy for awhile. You can actually buy these photos with frame and so much more.

Via If the Lamp Shade Fits
Photo by Jack Robinson

This is just to divine for words - I adore a staged family shot that turns spontaneous Via the Jack Robinson Archive

Love he outfit in the room - I always love seeing someone overdressed matching their surroundings Via Divas The Site


  1. How adorable seeing Anderson Cooper as a child!

  2. I looove those image... to think one of those boys is our beloved Anderson...

  3. OMG! Anderson! And Gloria...takes me back to the 8th grade and my beloved purple Gloria V jeans, with the aqua piping and aqua embroidered swan....sorry for the overshare! ;)