Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Night Chez Max and Luba Azria

There are few words to describe how MAJOR Max and Luba's house is. These pictures barely do it justice and of course my favorite room (the casual kitchen/ dining room) I couldn't get a shot of. They hosted a party last night to celebrate MOCA's new artists and as much as I wanted to meet the artists I became too focused on the house and how amazing everyone looked in their Herve Leger Dresses.

A most magnificent chandelier drips from the highest ceiling all the way down -   it is jaw dropping in person ! 
The outside  but the pool house now looks like a Morocco bath house

The Ceiling is cut out floral shiny  metal ! This is what I call tinsel town!

Inside their amazing pool house


  1. that house is bananas! That chandelier at the entrance way?

  2. Hey, thanks for digging my work. ; )