Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Day - thank you Lonny!

How much do I dig Lonny Mag - SOOOOOO much!  Here are some of my favorite picks from the new issue - you have to check it out to see more .

So Keen on Green - SO! Ruthie Sommers - J'adore

Huge LULU DK fan - adore this bedding and I even love the font that Lonny Used great layout!

Would love to visit but wouldn't want to live there you?

LOVE the Elephant table - LOVE!  
Painting by Lana Gomez 


  1. the last image with the elephant table... the painting is by my best friend - Lana Gomez --- http://lanagomez.com check her out some time! she's amazing! Her art hangs in Kelly Wearstler's office too!

  2. Thanks Glam Lamb! Yu are in LA right? Would love to meet you :)

  3. Ohyouprettythings - Thank you so much for commenting! Suze