Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bear- Hill Interiors

The perfect Floral arrangement 

I keep seeing this image pop up and to me this is a flawless foyer

The image of Calm!
Inspiration for mom's new apartment
Love the fireplace glass - so clean and chic!


  1. I do like the vaulted ceiling and wall of windows room, but the curtains hung on it are kind of distracting. I'm not sure, I sort of like much more excitement in my interiors. It might be because I dress so plainly, I like my decor to be big and bold.

  2. Hi Suzy, I agree, that foyer is so perfect, too bad I dont even have the space for a stool in mine ;).... BUT one can always drool, ehr, I mean dream.

    Northern Light

  3. yes. great free-flowing arrangement on the mantel and that gear-thingy is awesome...

  4. Beautiful images. Funny, I just priced that Oly Studio chandelier in the foyer image for a customer on Friday. Love seeing it here.

  5. I LOVE that foyer. The detail on the ceiling is perfect!