Friday, March 18, 2011

My Dream House - The Fantasy Starts

I just went on a great getaway weekend with my husband to the Gansevoort in Turks And Caicos and I was beyond inspired by the concrete, glass, wood and flowers - I had a fantasy that I could turn the Gansevoort into my home - Hey a girl can dream! How chic is this?

 Perfect  grey wood with the perfect flowers!

Divine Patio Furniture - Have no idea who designs it!
 The canvas covered walkway is so graphic and cool! Plus dig the turquoise shutters

 The wood hides ugly fixtures and warms up the concrete

 These umbrellas never blow over !
 This is the vision for the dream home . Each bedroom would have it's own porch, bathroom and overlook the view. and the lobby is Massive and opens to the pool.
The View from the Lobby
The Pool

 This was the groovy restaurant down the beach called Somewhere.  It felt like you were hanging out in a tree house overlooking the ocean! 

Want to Virtually go there


  1. Turks and Caicos is a slice of heaven. Isnt it the most gorgeous water you've ever seen? This hotel is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Tropical vacations always make me want to go home and redecorate my bedroom for a tropical feel. Sounds like you had a fabulous, relaxing vacay.

  3. ahhhh, I can hear the ocean!
    HOW beautiful, I hope you had a wonderful time!!

    Northern Light

  4. Suze, Pure Perfection, If you figure out how to make your home like that and get the water so blue please let me know immediately!!! Have a great weekend, Kathysue

  5. How beautiful that curving pergola with the bougainvillea is! The weathered timber perfectly matches the design details.

  6. LOVE THIS! My husband and I were quite the travelers and I am slowly blogging all of our fab trips (soon to come next week- AFRICA) but I have posted 3 so far- be sure to check out the fun moroccan vibe in the lobby at Cap Jaluca in Anguilla, insanely beautiful. I also have a home tour in progress if you'd like to check it out you and I have similar style!
    xoxo Shelli

  7. It sounds ridiculous but the thing I most want to bring back from hotels tends to be a power shower. Maybe it's just that my shower happens to be absolutely pathetic but every hotel I've been to has had a shower cubicle and a power shower that seems to blast you clean.

    A power shower and a brick barbecue are the two "unnecessary" things that I want.

    Otherwise, I just want enough space to breath but not so much that it swallows me whole. That said, I'm not sure the house valuation on "enough space" is within my means at the moment, let alone "too much". :(

  8. Having a house like that sounds like fun. Just the thought of it makes me really excited. And I'm kinda jealous that you're able to experience a wonderful getaway.