Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Ways to Put A Piano in A Room without it looking Tacky And What not to do.

Saturday night I went to the best dinner in someone's home who had a Steinway Piano that played amazing music all by itself! It was heaven. Designing a room around a piano is hard and they did it perfectly!  So How do you do it without it looking like an eyesore — see below!

1.  Shove it in a corner - That always works

2.Position it next to a major  piece of art .

Daryl Carter's DC Town House Via Elle Decor Photo Simon Upton
3. Surround it with furniture to make it blend

I know this is my 1,000 time using this image but it works for everything! Deborah Needleman's living room
4. Use it as a room Divider between the Living room Dining room 

5  Put it in front of a bookcase - it becomes invisible. Via The Telegraph 

Electric piano built into a table Via Here

DON'T EVER over-accessorize your piano - EEEEWWWWW!  This person thought they were hiding and ugly piano but they actually made  it uglier. 


  1. It is my dream to have one of those pianos that play by themselves..well my dream was that I would be able to play...then it was my dream that my girls would be able to I'm looking at the do it yourself kind of dream

  2. Great pics! Ive always loved the look of a grand piano in a space. Its the old uprights that are more difficult to position and decorate around and you dont want to part with them when they are sentimental to you.

  3. Good post. I just designed a piano room... Everything you said was good stuff!

  4. Pianos are naturally tacky? This is the first I've heard of this. Some people actually play them, you know. That last piano, the ugly one, probably actually gets played.