Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool Design That will Blow You Away!

Just discovered the blog Dornob hello Major obsession! 
Here are just a few fab images from this amazing site! 

All images Via Dornob
Rainbow house by its creators (AB Rogers and DA Studio

Sliding Door Home
"One floating partition wall effectively ‘cabs’ the built-in bookcases along the side of an office-and-living-room space. A bleached-wood finish sets it apart from the surrounding static white surfaces, calling it out as a fundamentally different kind of mobile divider."

How crazy is this foam office - Do you love this stuff as much as I do? Via Dornob

Office in a box
Boxetti units are full of surprises – in this case, a flip-out white desk or orange read-and-work nook are supplemented by integrated drawers, enclosed cabinets, slide-out shelving systems and other open-and-closed storage features.

How Lucky is this Kid? Dornob

And this one? Here

Wish I was HERE


  1. That is just unreal! Love it!

  2. Unreal - and yes, blown away again! How in the heck does one get into the hanging chair without getting your feet wet??

  3. I want to be in that swinging hershey kiss with a good book! ha

  4. 1. I can't believe they included a slide in the house's construction!

    2. My son loved seeing the rainbow staircase! (Color week at preschool)

    3. I've been enamored with dedon's nestrest since the first time I spotted it online a few weeks back...but it is pricey, pricey!