Monday, March 21, 2011

17 Ways To Rock A Ginger Jar.

1. Collect 50, toss the books and takeover the shelves.
John Rosselli's display Via Chinoiserie Chic
2. Place an Orange tree inside.
3. Match with the pillows
4. Make them pop with pink flowers.

5. Cluster on a coffee table.

6. Blend with wallpaper and play where is Waldo.
7.Use as a room divider behind a sofa.
8. Treat them like sculptures and make a useless area a major moment.

Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford of Kirsten Kelli, Via Good Bones Great Prices
9. Use it in the corner to pull it all together.
Via Good Bones Great Prices
10. Match to the curtains.
A Passion For Blue and White Carolyne Roehm Via Chinoiserie Chic
11. Actually use them or if you don't cook  just dump all the dishes and make functional space fashionable.
Barclay Butera
12. Make yourself feel better about a non working fireplace by flanking.
Mary McDonald Via Chinoiserie Chic
13. Stand next to a big one and look skinny and rich or skinnier and richer.
Chez Valentino Valentino’s Capri Home 1971 Via Travel For Design
14. Match to the entire room.
Jeffrey Bilhuber
15. Mix with dark green.

16. Place in windows  to block a hideous view and AC unit.
Dick Ridge and Rod Denault,apartment Via Garden Web
 Photographs by Jeff Hirsch

Carolyne Roehm Via Chinoiserie Chic
17. Over Accessorize the mantle.


  1. Never had one! Now I want a collection! Divine.

  2. Started my own small collection a little while back... LOVE this post!!

    Northern Light

  3. The definitely look lovely with the pink flowers! Happy Wednesday! Nicolex

  4. You should do a follow-up post on what to do with ginger jars if you have small children who occasionally throw things....

  5. Have you located a great place to purchase the blue and white porcelain. I am looking for good deals.