Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Favorite Artist... Patrick Hughes

This really Shows you how his work moves as you do when you stand in front of the piece it looks flat and as you sway from side to side it starts to move. This video above is poor quality but in 5 seconds gives you perspective.

How can I possibly describe the emotion I felt when I looked at Patrick Hugh's painting hanging in my friends home. I had to walk back and fourth at least 50 times and yet it never changed - the perspective made me delightfully dizzy and moved me beyond. The problem is in a flat still photo you could never possibly imagine the experience but video can capture it. Enjoy below. Oh how I dream of owning one ....If money were no object what artists work would you like to hang on your wall? I love these videos of the artist describing his work - heaven!


  1. Fascinating! Thanks for this post! :) xxx

  2. That's fascinating! They just draw you in...