Monday, October 14, 2013

In Search for the Perfect Pink Box

I have always wanted to and now I am going to turn my closet into an office. Remember this post HERE?
I am totally desperate to find these exact pink boxes - I have found so many that are close but no cigar.
Where did this photo come from? Have you seen this anywhere anyone? 

Love these Kate Spade Boxes Via HERE  that pink works but I am searching for more variety. 


  1. the bigso bright collection from the container store is close ..

  2. photo is from Decor pad

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  6. Sorry I'm no help finding the boxes, but I think going pink instead of orange is a fabulous idea. I wish you success in your hunt. Please give us an update about what you find.


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  9. check out art supply stores I know Dick Blick has got an awesome selection of storage boxes

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