Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lawn Minimalism with Creeping Red Fescue

I have been totally inspired by Kelly Behun's home in Elle Decor  to complete pull out the piles of random bushes and make a clean boarder of Creeping Red Fescue - the long swirly grass that is chic beyond and used in LA in stunning ways. Problem is that I was quoted $26,000 to do this — can you imagine? So now I am planting with seed for a couple hundred and it is working. I started with a small patch and now I am going to go for it. My back yard is a mess but will post when it is done. 


  1. Wow its looks wonderful. I love the place which in the picture. It looks charming and whoever stay here will love the whole beauty. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. seriously perfect. i just want to run barefoot in all that grass.

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  6. Whoa 26k? Looks stunning!

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