Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blue Painted Front Door Inspiration

My house is getting primed as I write this and it is time to find the perfect blue paint for the front door.   I am on the hunt for the perfect bright blue door. I want it to feel like Greece with hot pink or purple flowers to compliment it. Any favorites? 

 Below Behr's Cool Jazz
Sherwin-Williams's Candid Blue
Coastal Blue  Number 10 Deluxe Days by Dulux 

Green looks amazing also:Sherwin-Williams's Pickle


  1. I like the third photo as it looks simple. Once you look at the mint blue door, you will somewhat feel relaxed and peaceful. It certainly gives you a soothing feeling. Well, we’re about to conduct a home renovation next month, and I think it would be great if I paint my front door with that color.

  2. A blue door is often thought to provide a sense of serenity to a home, so I can understand why a lot of people choose to paint their doors in the color. That said, I really like Sherwin-Williams' Candid Blue. I think it's the closest to the colors of Santorini. Of course, getting your exterior to give off a feel like that of Greece wouldn't just depend on the color of your door. What shade did you decide on?

  3. These doors are amazing. I love the home with the greenery surrounding the door

  4. All shades of blue are appealing to me. The third to the last photo captured my attention. French doors are my favorite because of their charm and efficiency. With this type of door, a lot of natural light enters inside the house.