Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Greystone Mansion Maison De Luxe Show House...the Jamie Drake Room

My favorite room at  Greystone  in Beverly Hills was decorated by the divine Jamie Drake. Chic no? How amazing are the curtains and carpet - that is Jamie BTW in the photo snapped by moi. Hosted by Lux Magazine

Love a Blackman Cruz hand in any room

 How interesting is this piece?
 Made from cowhide by Kyle Bunting designed by Jamie Dake

See the whole room Here
Maison de Luxe at Greystone, Part I from Luxe Magazine on Vimeo.

Maison de Luxe at Greystone, Part II from Luxe Magazine on Vimeo.

Maison de Luxe at Greystone, Part III from Luxe Magazine on Vimeo.


  1. I'm a huge fan of Jamie Drake's and this room is no exception - absolutely fabulous. Still scratching my head about the antelope "scultures", though... We were thrilled when Kendall Wilkenson asked us to source the flowers in her infinity mirror - did you see it? Cheers, Cynthia

  2. Yes LOVED it!!!! Can you send me a good picture mine is fuzzy and I will put it up

  3. That is so nice of you! Kendall has a great image of the mirror on her site at http://www.kendallwilkinson.com/news/post61. She used our faux cherry blossoms to create the mirror and may have more pics of the entire room. Thanks! Cynthia

  4. Very cool! www.lisaayersart.com.

  5. my best friend is Lana Gomez who made the large painting in Jamie Drake's room. Stunnng