Friday, December 16, 2011

$10 and under gifts that look like a FORTUNE!

I used to work with a gorgeous beauty editor who would go to the coffee machine everyday with a porcelin Vercace cup - I on the other hand was drinking from the disposable paper version. Intimidating no? Fabulous YES!   And why did C. Wonder have to open a store in NYC after I left? I am obsessed!!!!!! I want all of these most of which are $8. CHIC CHIC. Here is a link to shop away


  1. these are brilliant!!

    i want the red or the black badly!!!!

  2. I just saw an ad for the store in Time Out NY and thought - how cute! Then I found out that the brains behind it is Chris Burch (aka Tory's ex). Can't wait to visit the store at the Westchester over the holidays. Happy weekend, Cynthia

  3. Love the cup! Those are great gifts. :)