Friday, August 5, 2011

Thinking about Kirsten Kelli Design

Kirsten Kelli's eclectic mix - definitely inspirational

GREAT yellow - perf!
What an interesting room - like the rug - pillows and curtains, chairs.

My favorite - ginger jars against white white bright colored art.

The arm  chairs are heaven - ooh to dream

The ceiling, the walls, the chairs, the carpet  yet it doesn't feel busy how does she do that?


  1. Love the ceiling in that last photo. What a good picture to have on file. High ceilings can often look tacky and cliche. But with this one it's the opposite. Thanks for sharing and come see a designer toilet seat.

  2. umm I can DIE over those yellow walls!!! OMG

  3. wow, some of those rooms are so "loud", but I'd love to call them mine! I specially love yellow and grey, so the first pic is my fav!

  4. wish I had done my lr in blue, after seeing these pictures. particularly love the last one!