Saturday, September 25, 2010

Looking for Cheap seat cushion covers that look expensive.

I am sitting right now on my patio (yes I have one and I'm loving it) but the seat cushions are my least favorite color in the world mud mixed with black check and faded floral peach, black  and green pillows - EWWWW! As you know now this is a rental and at best I can only live here for two years (the owners want it back) so How can I cover these things with out spending a lot of money? Here is what I found so far but if you have a great resource I am begging PLEASE SHARE!

Love the palm green from Hayneedle for $54 but wish it was a little less. PS - I can't go white because there are kids running around constantly and I don't want to live in fear


  1. Can you sew slipcovers for your cushions?
    Use a new dropcloth for your fabric (cheap) and add your own throw pillows for some color.

  2. If the existing cushions are box cushions, then I would suggest wrapping them in a cheap fabric ala a present. Use velcro tape to adhere the seams at the sides and you have a solution that can be swapped out when the owners want their home back.

    There are also these at Overstock -- not exactly the green color you were looking for nice nonetheless.

  3. I definitely would have bought it the first time around! It's just beautiful and you can do so many things with it for the different seasons. It looks just beautiful as you have it right this site.

  4. Oh my goodness, I just love those floral bags with the wood handles. Those doors are super too! Very cool! Great blog!That is a beautiful arbor!

    Susan Graham